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Fabric CharacteristicsStandard 
Composition - 100% Acrylic - Masacril® Solution Dyed
Weight UNE EN 12127 300 ± 5% g/m² | 8.85 ± 5% oz/yd²
Yarn UNE EN 1049.2 Warp: 30h/cm (Nm 34/2) | Weft: 15h/cm (Nm 34/2)
Roll Width - 120 cm | 47"
Roll Length - 60 m | 65.62 YD
Tensile Strength UNE EN 13934.1 Warp: 140 daN/5cm | Weft: 95 daN/5cm
Water Repellency UNE EN 20811 360 mm
Finish - Sunlux® Protection

* Performance evaluations conducted by independent laboratories.

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We recommend the following basic maintenance tips:

  • Regularly eliminate dirt by gently brushing or vacuuming the fabric.
  • Wash regularly with water applied at an intermediate pressure.
  • From time to time, use a solution of neutral soap and water (at a temperature of not more than 86°F).
  • Apply to the fabric and then rinse off with abundant water.
  • Let the fabric dry completely outdoors.
  • Do not use solvents or abrasive detergents.
  • Do not apply heat sources. Do not use hot water or high-pressure cleaning agents.
  • Store the awning in a cover during the winter.
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  • Made in europe
  • 10 years warranty

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