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Garbo I


Garbo I is a type of Garbo arms system that is designed to support smaller dimensions. Like Garbo, it offers a new interior structure, which makes the stainless steel chain invisible. It also has an innovative design for the profiles and parts that provides both security and aesthetics.

This arms system is designed to be used with either Tecno support or Garbo support. With Tecno support, the awnings can have a 4m maximum width and a 2,5m maximum projection. With Garbo support, the awnings can have a 5m maximum width and a 2,5m maximum projection.

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  • 0-140-07-30015
  • 0-140-07-30015
    Awning Cazorla Plug Kit 70 Mm White
  • 0-140-07-30051
  • 0-140-07-30051
    SP Terminal Kit
  • 0-140-07-30141
  • 0-140-07-30141
    Calypso Support Set White
  • 0-140-07-315XX
  • 0-140-07-315XX
    Garbo II Arm Kit
  • 0-140-07-347XX
  • 0-140-07-347XX
    Cazorla Plus Profile 70mm, White
  • 0-140-07-50015
  • 0-140-07-50015
    Tecno Support Kit With Sp Terminal White
  • 0-140-07-50020
  • 0-140-07-50020
    Tecno Support Kit
  • 0-140-07-50040
  • 0-140-07-50040
    Transmission Support
Minimum Widths (caps included)
Arm Projection 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2.25 2.50
Minimum Widths 1.67 1.92 2.17 2.42 2.69 2.92


Celtic Motor (projection up to 2.5m)
Ø 70 Projection 1.5 1.75 2 2.25 2.50
Width Up to 5m 2 Arms 30/17 30/17 35/17 35/17 40/17


Tecno Support
Maximum Projection Maximum Width Maximum Rolling
2.5m 4m Tube Ø 70=2.5m
2m 4.5m Tube Ø 80=2.5m


Rolling Tube Sizes (does not admit roominess)
Machine 1:11 Motor with Support Motor without Support
LT-85 mm LT-70 mm LT-60 mm

NOTE: LT=Total Width

Garbo II Wind Resistance

  • Logo 5year
  • Made in europe

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